2018-19 Schedule

Home Games are at the Titan Sports Center, 101 E 81st Street, Tulsa, OK

6th Annual Green Country Holiday Basketball Tournament, December 14-15, 2018 at the Titan Sports Center 101 E. 81st St. S. Tulsa, OK.

DateGCD Team(s)TeamLocationTimes
27thVG,VBAlumni Games (home)Titan Center5,6pm
1-314B, 16B, 18BTip-Off TournamentSt. Louis, MO
5th14G,14B,JVB,VG,VBHFC Warriors (home)Titan Center4, 5, 6, 7, 8:30
10th14G,14B, JVB, VBOKC Knights Away, TBATBA
12, 13, 15thJVBEdison JVB TournamentEdison, Tulsa, OKTBA
16thJVG,JVB,VG,VBWebster (away)Webster, Tulsa, OK4,5,6,7:30
20thJVG, JVB, VG, VBMemorial (away)Memorial High, Tulsa, OKTBA
27thJVB, VG, VBCHEF (home)Titan Center5:30, 6:30, 8
114G,14B,JVB,VG,VBCassady (away)Oklahoma City, OK14G@11, 14B@12
JVB@11, VG@12, VB@1:30
4th14B&G,16B,18B&GNOAH (away)TBATBA
6th-8thVG, VBTahlequah TournamentTahlequah, OKTBA
11thJVG, JVB, VG, VBCentral (home)Titan Center5,6,7,8:30
14th-15th14B&G,16B,18B&GGCD Holiday TournamentTitan CenterTBA
27-29thJVG, JVBDestiny TournamentDestiny Christian, 3801 SE 29th St, Del City, OKTBA
27th-29thVG & VBEnid Classic TournamentEnid, OKTBA
4thJVG,JVB,VG,VBTulsa Central (away)Central High School, 3101 W Edison St, Tulsa, OKTBA
8thJVG,JVB,VG,VBEdison (away)Edison High, 2906 E 41st St, Tulsa, OKTBA
10-12thVG & VBShrine TournamentMuskogee, OKTBA
22ndJVG, VGMemorial (away)Memorial High, Tulsa, OK5, 6:30
24th-26thVG, VBNEO TournamentMiami, OKTBA
29th14B&G,16B,18B&GNOAH (HOME)Titan Center4,5,6,7,8:30
1st-2ndVG, VBNCHBC Conference TournamentTulsa, OKTBA
5thJVG,JVB,VG,VBDestiny (away-OKC)Destiny Christian, 3801 SE 29th St, Del City, OKTBA
7thJVG,JVB,VG,VBMiami High (away)Miami High School, 2000 E Central Ave, Miami, OK5, 6:30, 8
8thJVB, VG, VBCHEF (away)TBA5, 6, 7:30
12thJVG,JVB,VG,VBProvidence Academy TBATBA
22nd14G,14B,JVB,VG,VBHFC Warriors (away-OKC)TBA4,5,6,7,8:30
28th-March 2nd14B&G,16B,18B&GNCHBC RegionalsWichita, KSTBA
11th-15th14B&G,16B,18B&GNCHBC NationalsSpringfield, MOTBA




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