2021 GC Holiday Tournament Wrap-Up


Thank you to all the programs that attended the 2021 Green Country Holiday Tournament: NOAH Jaguars, HFC Warriors, Lighthouse Christian Chargers, Little Rock Flames, Wichita Defenders, Reno County Sabres, Southern MO RUSH, Stillwater Spartans & Redemptive Life Academy.

Congratulations to all the teams, MVP & All-Tournament Team awardees.

VB: Champions-Green Country Defenders; 2nd place-NOAH Jaguars; 3rd place-Lighthouse Chargers

MVP-Ezekiel Wilson, GCD

All-Tournament Team: Devin Fryar, GCD; Aaron Davie, GCD; Ian Hislop, NOAH; Sullivan Wagoner, NOAH; Cade Bethea, Lighthouse Chargers

VG: Champions-Green Country Defenders; 2nd place-Reno County Sabres; 3rd place-Wichita Defenders

MVP-Kenzie Macklin, GCD

All-Tournament Team: Ashley Phelan, GCD; Olivia Linder, GCD; Kallista Unruh, Reno County; Kaia Smith, Reno County; Lizzy Martin, Wichita Defenders

JVB: Champions-Southern MO RUSH, 2nd place-Little Rock Flames, 3rd place-Lighthouse Chargers

MVP-Joe Graves, RUSH

All-Tournament Team: Tanner Engel, RUSH; Garrett Rudy, RUSH; Harry Likens, Little Rock; Jojo Holloway, Little Rock; Judah Louderbach, Lighthouse

JVG: Champions-Hoops For Christ; 2nd place-NOAH Jaguars; 3rdplace-Stillwater Spartans

MVP-Megan Eischen, HFC

All-Tournament Team: Rachel Jackson, HFC; Nasa Davis, HFC; Michaela Greuel, NOAH; Jordan Padgett, NOAH; Renee Yost, Stillwater

JHB: Champions-NOAH 1; 2nd place-Hoops for Christ; 3rd place-Southern MO RUSH

MVP-David Turner, NOAH

All-Tournament Team: Jack Ransdell, NOAH; Dawson Bell, NOAH; Drake Manuel, HFC; Adam Leonard, HFC; Josh Graves, RUSH

JHG: Champions-NOAH, 2nd place-Wichita Defenders, 3rd place-Stillwater Spartans

MVP-Felicity Klos, NOAH

All-Tournament Team: Jenna Hay, NOAH; Kipplyn Girard, NOAH; Valerie, Wichita Defenders; Kaydence, Wichita Defenders; Jillian Barnes, Stillwater

Hope to see you all back next year December 2nd & 3rd, 2022!!

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