Boy – High Achievers

“High Achievers” are single game records established by the Tulsa Green Country Defender varsity boy’s team. Below are the names of the current record holders. To become the new record holder, the player must beat the established record – not tie it. All records were initially established in the 2012-2013 playing season.
Record DescriptionNumberPlayer's NameSeasonNotes
Most points scored in a single game46 pointsJustin Taylor2018-2019
Most rebounds in a single game25 reboundsNoah Sluka2014-2015
Most steals in a single game9 stealsMichael Saxton2012-2013
Most assists in a single game16 assistsPeyton Francisco2015-2016
Most blocked shots in a single game8 blocked shotsLaRon Stokes2015-2016
Most charges taken in a single game3 charges takenSevey Price2012-2013
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